The Tradition of wheat made a s.l.m. 901 m

Produced entirely from wheat hard grown in the company to ensure a quality product in the high which recognize the true flavors of the earth and the ancient taste of abruzzese tradition.




Our company has strong and long roots: since the beginning of the XX century we have been devoting to the cultivation of durum wheat and to the farm animals.

Every one of us has grown up in the company developing a passion for our activities and believing in the values that it has given us. It’s important to love the work of the ground and in our case it is a passion that been handed down from father to son. The history of Teti’s firm started four generations ago in a small mountain village to the slopes of the Majella, Torricella Peligna.




The new generation that drives the company, decided to transform and upgrade the one that for years has been the main activity: the cultivation of grain.

From grain to pasta. And so begins a new adventure, combining innovation and oldtraditionsFausto and Mirko decided to turn their grain into something extremely genuine


Pasta Teti is Exclusively Produced with grown durum wheat , cultivated, picked and in the company . So that the qualitative characteristics of Our wheat are conferred to the pasta, we take care of all the phases of workmanship of it, from From grinding grain production of pasta in respect of the ancient Abruzzese tradition.

The raw semolina rich of bran and fine bran, gives high digestibility, nutritional and organoleptic qualities superiors to pasta Teti.

There is no fillers added , gluten or other agents. The ingredients are just semintegrale semolina, obtained from the milling of our wheat and, pure spring water that gushes out at the foot of Majella .

So from our wheat born a pasta of a superior quality,, drawn to the bronze and slowly dried to low temperature.



Sowing is definitely the most sensitive period for the birth of our grain. After thoroughly working the fields during the summer, we look forward to during the autumn months, the land will allow us to sow our grain that will give life to our ears that will produce grain for our pasta.


After the spring force, with the arrival of summer heat, our ears ripen assuming a gold color which begins to arouse anxiety and turmoil. The harvest is the most important stage in the production process of our product because it is in it that is expressed all the waiting and the work done in vintage agrarian.


From wheat to pasta is our trademark and it is definitely our strength. We produce in our family business all cereals used in the creation of our pasta, we take care of step by step selection, growth and harvest. Our raw bran is obtained by milling techniques which respect the ancient tradition of Abruzzo.


Our firm is in Torricella Peligna, a small country to te slopes of the Majella, in the province of Chieti, Abruzzo.

Torricella Peligna is located to 901 m on the level of the sea and it has a good climate thanks to the thanks to the proximity of the sea and the presence of the Majella mountain.

We are to 40 km from the ski resort of Roccaraso and to 40 km from “Costa dei Trabocchi”.

You come to visit us to spend a day in our firm, in an unpolluted environment where to find again the true of the earth.



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